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Photo of James Barger and his wife, Charline.
Websites by James and Charline Barger, including law firm websites, event planning, community sites, and content management system (CMS) websites.

Photo of James Barger and his wife, Charline.
Charline and James Barger. James handles the programming, site setup, and most of the design work. Charline contributes expertise on implementation of useful Web 2.0 community tools and aesthetic improvements. For a recent example, see the Consumers Law website, by James Barger.

Do you need to create, expand, or revitalize a website? Or, do you need your very own webmaster-on-retainer?

Do you want to find a web developer in Philadelphia, PA, who provides highly personalized service and who's been making websites since 1995 and who has created sites for:

If so, write to James Barger to arrange a free initial consultation, or call 215-260-7382.

Do you want to be able to edit your own website content without calling your web developer and without knowing HTML? Do you want special features on your website, like:

Do you need a webmaster who can also improve your Google listings through search engine optimization (SEO) or manage all your Web marketing efforts?

We can do all this and more.

James has been building websites and producing custom programming since the Web was in its infancy. Over the years, he developed an expertise in all the Microsoft technologies, such as:

In recent years, James has been working in website usability, making sites easier to use and more appealing and useful for visitors. He has also been working with some incredibly powerful open-source products, which provide customers with numerous features at no extra cost (except the fee for setup and customization), such as:

Meanwhile, Charline has become quite an expert on leveraging some of the most popular tools on the Web, such as:

We can limit the scope of our work to fit your budget, without sacrificing the features you need. How do we do it?

We keep things simple.

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